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When it comes to airport security, the safety of thousands of people is at stake. The busy environment includes everything from airplanes on runways, taxiways, arrival and departure halls as well as parking lots. To keep track of everything that occurs at the airport and to be able to solve and react quickly and accurately on incidents, high quality camera coverage is essential.

Obtain details and solve incidents 

The immense overviews and superb detailed levels you can obtain with the Nox-20 is ideal to cover the numerous halls, parking lots, runways and taxiways. See everything at the desired level of detail, whether that includes forensic zoom for people recognition or object detection.

The camera’s multiple independent streams give the user the ability to freely divide framerate and resolution over several regions-of-interest. For instance, a panoramic view of a runway in the background, plus a number of smaller sized streams covering the different taxiways in the foreground. Further increase efficiency with motion detection triggers applied to separate streams to deal with data in a smart way and ensure fast tracking in recorded footage.

Retrieve details and solve incidents in no-time. Provide evidence that is simply indisputable. Incredible low light performance to distinguish details, day and night.
low light performance
  • Unique sensor technology  
  • Low pixel noise
  • Night imaging in colour
  • 35mm full frame

ultra high resolution
  • 20 megapixels - 30 fps  
  • Unveil more details with 64 VGA cameras in one 
  • Live and retrospect PTZ  
  • Don't miss anything
  • H.264 and JPEG2000

multi view architecture
25 cameras in one, each configurable on:
  • Region-of-interest / PTZ  
  • Exposure and iris characteristics
  • Focus position
  • Flash control
  • Frame rates up to 30 fps
  • Time and/or motion detection triggered
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