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City surveillance

Justice, the result of evidence, delivered by the world’s best performing security camera, the Ampleye Nox-20. The revolutionary combination of ultra-high resolution and incredible low-light performance guarantees the world’s best and most unique images and video streams. The innovative 25 freely configurable views combined with 16 freely configurable movement detectors, delivers the right image cut-out and scene on the right moment to relieve your data networks.

Make money with city surveillance using the Nox-20 security camera

In several city surveillance cases traditional CCTV cameras do not provide the right evidence after robberies or hit-and-run of vehicles after damaging infrastructure, other vehicles or persons, where the Nox-20 does provide the right information for indemnification and catch. Crime Scene Investigation becomes reality.

Do not hire cops with bad eyes any longer; install the Nox-20, the cop with an amplified eye. 

Ampleye in city surveillance movie

Key features of the Nox-20 in City Surveillance: 
  • Ultra high resolution of 20 MP 
  • Revolutionary light sensitivity: essential in night scenes and in city environments where often various types of light sources are present
  • Up to 25 parallel streams configurable to serve multiple objectives within a single camera:
    • Monitoring, detecting and identifying people and objects
    • Detect and identify vehicles (e.g. LPR)
    • Digital PTZ instead of physical PTZ: never ‘looks away’ and provides detailed footage of the complete scene continuously

low light performance
  • Unique sensor technology  
  • Low pixel noise
  • Night imaging in colour
  • 35mm full frame

ultra high resolution
  • 20 megapixels - 30 fps  
  • Unveil more details with 64 VGA cameras in one 
  • Live and retrospect PTZ  
  • Don't miss anything
  • H.264 and JPEG2000

multi view architecture
25 cameras in one, each configurable on:
  • Region-of-interest / PTZ  
  • Exposure and iris characteristics
  • Focus position
  • Flash control
  • Frame rates up to 30 fps
  • Time and/or motion detection triggered
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