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Ekkersrijt remains a safe haven 
Business Park Ekkersrijt in Son continues to perform exceptionally well when it comes to security and the fight against crime. In 2015 seven business burglaries were registered, equal to the record low year of 2014. Seven burglaries is very little for a business park of this size. ‘There are 400 businesses, we are, I believe, the safest business park of the Netherlands’, says security coordinator Bert Nieuwenhuis of SBBE (Stichting Beveiliging Bedrijven Ekkersrijt, Security Organization Businesses Ekkersrijt). 

In terms of numbers of burglaries, Ekkersrijt has been doing well for the last couple of years. The decline started with the installation of 31 ‘intelligent’ security cameras in 2006. Back then there were still 123 burglaries a year, in 2007 slightly above 80 burglaries, in 2008 45, declining to 7 in 2014. 

The installation of the ‘super security cameras’ of Ampleye has been a good investment according to SBBE. In the end of 2012 a trial started with one camera on the main access- and exit road to the park. In 2014 another two of these ultra-modern cameras were placed on other access roads, so that now all incoming and outgoing traffic of Ekkersrijt is being captured. 

This has led to direct results last year, says Nieuwenhuis. With the cameras, made by Ampleye, sharp footage can also be captured in the evening and during the night. It is possible to zoom in on license plates and drivers.  Thanks to this, SBBE was able to deliver evidence and details of 17 vehicles in 2015, data which had been requested by the Public Prosecution Service. Eleven out of these seventeen cases were about shoplifting at the business park, two cases involved assaults with a electroshock weapon, once a theft where violence was used. ‘With the Ampleye cameras on the access roads we can identify all vehicles that enter or leave the business park’, says Nieuwenhuis. ‘We can control the front and back doors. That of course increases the probability of detection enormously’. 

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