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Ampleye chosen by high-risk firm

Ampleye cameras prove to be the answer to challenging conditions in high-risk industry
A company in a high-risk industry faced quite a challenge: to keep up with the high standards of security it was necessary to recognize license plates at a distance of 80 meters (262 ft). The Ampleye Nox-20 proved to be the solution, capturing sharp and clear footage of license plates in high detail at large distances, day and night. Not only do the cameras provide the required details for the Aivex LPR system, each vehicle is captured in detail as well. Where LPR cameras usually only capture the license plate, the Nox-20 provides crisp footage of the entire vehicle in detail, including color, brand and model up to driver details. The combination of these details and the license plate information is often decisive for solving incidents.

Aivex’s LPR system recognizes license plates at an impressive speed and accuracy. Moreover, Aivex’s Aireco system can detect deviant behavior. This data can be used for profile detection such as loitering, stalking, deviant behavior controls, cross checking, reference lists, tigerkidnapping and (automatic) tailgating, which is indispensable in high-risk environments.

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