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Ampleye Nox-20

The Ampleye | Nox-20 camera series combine ultra high resolution with high frame rates and a superb low-light performance, designed and optimized for the security market. The built-in Multi View Architecture (MVA) features simultaneous access to different regions-of-interest, providing maximum relevant image information, utilizing minimum bandwidth. 


low light performance
  • Unique sensor technology  
  • Low pixel noise
  • Night imaging in colour
  • 35mm full frame

ultra high resolution
  • 20 megapixels - 30 fps  
  • Unveil more details with 64 VGA cameras in one 
  • Live and retrospect PTZ  
  • Don't miss anything
  • H.264 and JPEG2000

multi view architecture
25 cameras in one, each configurable on:
  • Region-of-interest / PTZ  
  • Exposure and iris characteristics
  • Focus position
  • Flash control
  • Frame rates up to 30 fps
  • Time and/or motion detection triggered
more camera features
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
    Capture details in both dark and bright areas

  • Motion Detection
    Enables behavioural analysis
    16x Custom windows with programmable actions
    Camera Triggered recording
    Reduce network bandwidth

  • Wide Focal Range (WFR)
    In-focus on close and far distances
    Remote configurable
    Multiple focus-position presets

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
    Combine images with different Exposure and Iris characteristics into one HDR image
    Extreme WDR technology
    Up to 15 fps
  • ONVIF Profile S Compliant
    Easy integration into current infrastructures and VMS systems

  • Professional SLR lens
    High quality built lenses
    Better light-gathering ability
    Better imaging in darkness

  • Global shutter technology
    No image skew
    Clear pictures of fast moving objects

  • Flash Connectivity
    2x synchronized flash outputs
    Optionally infrared sensitive

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