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Stadiums are characterized by large crowds on the tribunes, enjoying the event on the field. To safeguard the tens of thousands of spectators in a sports arena or other large venue, security forces benefit from high quality detailed video for evidence.

Why the Ampleye Nox-20?

The Nox-20 catches the right information at the right time. The camera provides exactly that what is necessary to see everything for stadium security forces to take action fast and effectively: see large overviews and zoom in to see details. The ultra-high resolution of 20 megapixel allows to retrieve forensic detailed information live or afterwards without losing sight of the rest of the scene. Obtain details of every single spectator on the tribune, up to facial recognition. Quickly identify suspects and take action to prevent and solve incidents such as riots, violence, vandalism and detect prohibited items such as fireworks.


Monitor large crowds and see individuals in detail simultaneously

The Nox-20 provides video up to 30 fps to see every single move and makes sure no detail is missed. Enhance stadium security with both the overview of a large crowd and the ability to zoom in to see details of every individual. Detect, identify and even recognize persons in a huge crowd. The camera’s incredible low-light performance ensures detailed footage with movements captured sharp and clear with minimal motion blur, also during concerts and events at night-time in stadiums and sports arenas.

Not only is the Nox-20 extremely suitable for stadium security because of the camera’s ability to capture incredibly detailed footage for evidence, it is also a huge advantage having to install a limited number of cameras only. Depending on the required level of detail, you would have to use dozens, if not hundreds HD cameras, to achieve the same results as with the Nox-20.

A safe environment for crowd, crew and players:
  • See details of individuals in a large crowd
  • Prevent and react on incidents such as riots, detect prohibited items and irregularities
  • Guarantee evidence

low light performance
  • Unique sensor technology  
  • Low pixel noise
  • Night imaging in colour
  • 35mm full frame

ultra high resolution
  • 20 megapixels - 30 fps  
  • Unveil more details with 64 VGA cameras in one 
  • Live and retrospect PTZ  
  • Don't miss anything
  • H.264 and JPEG2000

multi view architecture
25 cameras in one, each configurable on:
  • Region-of-interest / PTZ  
  • Exposure and iris characteristics
  • Focus position
  • Flash control
  • Frame rates up to 30 fps
  • Time and/or motion detection triggered
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