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Cameras are widely used to enhance traffic safety, for example to observe hard shoulder lanes or to detect incidents. However, cameras in traffic can serve purposes beyond the security of traffic itself: imagine how detailed images of vehicles and drivers can facilitate the chase of criminal suspects after a robbery, provide support in amber alert cases, combat terrorism etcetera.

Circumstances in traffic can create quite a challenging environment to capture high quality film and images. Just think about the high speed at which vehicles move, density of traffic, dark areas at night and road infrastructure such as tunnels. Moreover, the requirements for traffic monitoring are high with detailed images of license plates and face recognition being standard.

The Ampleye | Nox-20 is particularly suitable to deal with these challenges with the following features: 

  • High resolution to see the smallest details
  • Global shutter means no skew images of fast moving objects (as well as in vehicle)
  • Up to 30 fps so the area to be covered by cameras to capture moving objects can be smaller
  • Multiple video streams to monitor each lane separately, optionally motion detection triggered
  • Wide Dynamic Range and High Dynamic Range to get the most out of an image: see the overview and details in a tunnel or dark alley
  • Zoom in without losing the overview with live and retrospect PTZ

Ampleye in traffic movie

And during the night?

The Ampleye | Nox-20 is developed with a focus on low-light circumstances to see everything:

  • Low-light optimization, even dark areas can be monitored without light/horizon pollution
  • Low pixel noise so bandwidth usage remains stable and motion detection is more reliable
  • Colour images at night, no switch to black and white

Altogether, the unique features make the Ampleye | Nox-20 extremely suitable for a variety of applications in traffic.
low light performance
  • Unique sensor technology  
  • Low pixel noise
  • Night imaging in colour
  • 35mm full frame

ultra high resolution
  • 20 megapixels - 30 fps  
  • Unveil more details with 64 VGA cameras in one 
  • Live and retrospect PTZ  
  • Don't miss anything
  • H.264 and JPEG2000

multi view architecture
25 cameras in one, each configurable on:
  • Region-of-interest / PTZ  
  • Exposure and iris characteristics
  • Focus position
  • Flash control
  • Frame rates up to 30 fps
  • Time and/or motion detection triggered
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